Construction of New Buildings and Renovations

Sela Building will review plans provided by the client and develop estimates based on the construction documents. Upon mutually agreed negotiations we will make  your vision a reality.

Pre-Engineered Buildings Sela Building is a corporate partner with Kirby Building Systems, which is a leading manufacturer of superior custom-engineered and cost-effective buildings. Our team is on the ready to design a structure to meet your specific needs.

Value Engineering This is a value analysis we offer to our clients; a systematic approach to determine the total value of a project and the cost-effectiveness of the design, while still achieving your desired results. Sela Building can study your plans and specifications early on in the project and explore the possibilities of equivalent performance at a lower cost to you. Value engineering is a “team effort” involving the designers, engineers, suppliers,  subcontractors, Sela Building and you.

Maintenance & Repair
Sela Building provides this service to its clients to assist you with the smallest of concerns that come up, which include challenges in choosing and hiring a qualified individual to make the appropriate repairs. This service allows you peace-of-mind as we handle any issues that arise.

Residential – Sela Building is a full-service residential contracting company. From concept to completion, we build with integrity exemplified through both construction techniques and business practices.

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